The Wooded Man

This is a little rhymey poem that I wrote on 12/10/10, the same title as this blog post, that I actually rather like. When it comes to poetry there isn’t a whole lot that I write that I am content with, but I don’t cringe when I read this :).

There’s a man in the wood
Who wears a cloak & a hood
So that you cannot see his face.

You’ll look at his head
And the darkness instead
Will enfold you till you cannot feel time or space.

O, this cursed thing will consume you – flesh, soul and mind,
‘Till none of you’s left,
And you’ll no longer draw breath,
And what’s left is nary a trace.

Just a short and sweet little thing really. It rather reminds me of a mini-fairytale, but that’s just my opinion. Like, dislike, thoughts?

‘Till next time…

~ ♥ ~