For National Poetry Day (UK)

Today is National Poetry Day in the UK, and as it is still October 6th stateside, I thought I’d mark the occasion with the posting of a poem. I can’t remember when I first wrote it as I didn’t have the good sense to date it when I did, but I would guess it was probably either 2015 or 2014. What with it being my favorite season of all (Fall) and the time creeping ever closer to Halloween, the theme of it seemed appropriate.



Feathers stuck on midnight
whisper softly in the air,
singing of dirges & hymns.

You should not weep for the transition;
the Nevermore
the illusory
our lives as ashes burnt by the sun.

It is, after all, a waste of a good mourning
to regret and chase
the Neverwas –
what cannot be.

Visions of dust catching light
as permanent as
fleeting glances,
as resolute as Midnight Masses.

Here, oh here, is where
we stake our claim
to carve out the niche
to bear our name.


+ Katie+