This was originally written on 1/5/14, inspired while reading about the Divine Feminine that was once openly worshiped and recognized in ancient days. Sophia is Wisdom personified (the name literally meaning “wisdom” in Greek), and was once seen as the Holy Spirit within the Christian Trinity. I love Sophia and can feel part of her speak to me through this poem.

Child of my body
Breath of my lungs
From my body I bore you
As dust you shall return.

Life is rooted in the womb from whence all springs
The Judge tries to deny this –
How could it all be,
when I’ve told them they all come from me?

Ignoring the half that makes all whole
Giving power to those who’ve taken control
Power doesn’t sit well in the hands of the few,
Nor does it live solely tied to a pew.

Darkness is endless, and the Universe too
Boundless, yet tidy
When found inside you.
The sun and the shadow all rolled into one –
feed each equally
but never succumb.

Balance is sought & achieved by so few,
May you seek ever long for that which is true.

+ K +