Thoughts & Prayers

Photo by me

I extend my thoughts & prayers.
May they shield you from the inevitable bullets unleashed
by money’s stubborn stronghold
on the souls of our politicians.

May these thoughts & prayers comfort you
as you dial a number that will not answer;
As you wait for a voice from the throat of your loved one,
silenced by metal held more precious than their life.

May these thoughts & prayers be drops of solace in your endless, salted grief;
oceans of pain with no horizon of relief,
no oasis of rectification in sight.

May these thoughts & prayers fill the void in your heart
that feels as though it will never stop breaking.
May they be a balm to your rage
with no outlet
no sensible resolution.

May these thoughts & prayers reach the deaf ears of the powerful,
their hubris and padded bank accounts
the only things which help them sleep at night.

May these thoughts & prayers be with you
through your unanswered questions, your doubts.
May they be thrown into the grave to rot,
as all the pretty flowers and condolences wither & fade,
while you’re left to swallow & endure the silence in their wake.

May these thoughts & prayers sustain you & keep you,
as the anxiety creeps up your throat
with the gnawing reality of no change coming;
As tomorrow’s sunrise infuriatingly lights up a new day
where you only see shadows and tears.

May these thoughts and prayers comfort you.
A paltry pittance,
Too little
Too late.

+ Katie +


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