Image“Our Savior is our true Mother in whom we are endlessly born and out of whom we shall never come”.
+ Dame Julian of Norwich +

The feast day of Dame Julian of Norwich was last Thursday, May 8th (in the Anglican tradition), and it was on that day after reading some of Julian’s words about God & spirituality that I felt compelled to write the poem which follows. A week late and a dollar short – isn’t that the saying? Anyway, I’ve read some of Julian’s writings before and have found the intimate and loving way in which she expresses her devotion to, longing for, and connection with the Divine to be very inspiring to my own spirituality. I also love how she addresses the Divine using both masculine and feminine pronouns, which is quite progressive for a laywoman of the twelfth century. If you aren’t familiar with any of her writings, and are inclined towards the mystical side of Christianity, I highly recommend reading them.


Searching for unity within four walls
expanding beyond
encompassing all
yet held in one’s hand.

All shall be well
when answered in love
and answered in kind
when we bind ourselves to thee.

To feel at our soul
our center restored
at finally reaching home
with Divinity.

The Holy He
The Holy She
Imbued within humanity
Shouting out
That all shall be well,
All shall be well
Even in darkness, there’s love.

+ K +



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