A Soul Looking Dimly In On Itself

The month of April is National Poetry Writing Month, aka NaPoWriMo, and so I’m going to try to post a few poems this month myself. I know myself well enough to know that I won’t be able to post poems every day, but I’ll certainly be posting a few :).

The following is a poem that I wrote on 3/7/14 after spending some time in meditation, which accomplished both the Lenten goal of meditating and doing something creative :). The title of it is the same as the title of this blog.

There in the dark you’ll find me
Where such things always seem to be
And if you look close enough you’ll see,
The eyes staring out are me.

Search in the shadows for a safe place
The light can’t always shine upon
the cracks, and the hollows, and the splinters,
that fade with the coming dawn.

Now in the echoes you’ll listen
And the chorus of silence you’ll hear
Will keep the beat with the drum in your heart
And the sighs of the deafening fear.

Brace for the light – let it burn you.
The flame will create something new
Something better and brighter,
And to you becoming you.


+ K +


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