Brief Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything to put up on this blog. I had some personal issues that had come up these last several months that left me feeling uninspired and uninterested in writing or doing much of anything on the internet (or in life really). My tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest account, and even Facebook had been neglected off and on during that down period. Everything has since been dealt with quite successfully, so I now feel that I am capable of writing good pieces again. Most importantly, my creative impulses and ideas have been coming back to me and through the application of art & craft projects I’ve been able to work through everything more successfully than if I hadn’t used those abilities. Essentially, the place I am at now spiritually and mentally is one that is more at peace and more at ease.

In regards to this blog itself, I would like to try and inject more of my personality and sense of humor into my writing here. I feel as though I’ve been keeping everything as scholarly-sounding as I can, but also coming off as a bit too dry and bland. I don’t want to put anyone to sleep but I don’t want to sound like a vapid twit either. I intend to try and find more of a balance with future endeavors.

Additionally, I’m going to be working on revamping the appearance of the blog. I love playing around in Photoshop and have lots of ideas I’ve been toying with.

I certainly haven’t gone away and I have many topics that are rolling around in my head that I’m looking forward to exploring. In other words… Stay tuned!

+ K +


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