Saint Francis

I had a dream the night before last that began with me living in a large old house with my little sister and my mother. It was falling apart and in need of repair, and it was very large and very old. The siding appeared to simply be wooden boards and it had a very large porch. This place appeared to be haunted by the spirits of children along with something very dark. Terrible things had happened there and now it was a negative scary place, which we didn’t realize until we had gotten into the house. We could hear children laughing, things would be moved and we felt threatened like something wanted to harm us. Windows got broken. I remember we tried in desperation to banish the evil spirits but nothing happened – we all ran out on to the front lawn in a small circle and were telling them to leave, to go to the light, to cross over, but they mocked us by going to a light in the house instead and would not leave. I believe that the spirits were actually demonic and only imitated children as real children would never behave like that. While we were out trying to banish them I just remember feeling so powerless, like we were willing it and telling it to leave so hard but I felt no energy or will leaving us and actually being exerted outwards towards these entities. It was so strange.

Due to feeling so powerless, I guess, I ran to a large Catholic church with these massive statues of Saints sitting in high-backed chairs all along the front. I ran over to St. Francis and started pleading for help. That statue rose up and came with me back to the house to help me and my family. The funny thing is, this statue was still all gray, from the flesh to the robes, it was like the concrete just got up and came to life and was animated, and the size and height of the Saint was still the same. So, picture if you will a large concrete statue walking around and that’s what it was like. Another interesting detail was that I never got a look at the Saint’s face, not really. It’s like there was a head to it, but I can’t quite remember any details of the face. And even though I know that typically when people are talking about St. Francis they are referring to St. Francis of Assisi, this Saint had a vaguely feminine quality or air about them, almost like they really had no set gender at all. Sort of like an Angel I guess.

After the saint comes and I guess the spirits are done away with (I can’t remember a big to-do about the banishing part), we go to a different house. We go down a long hallway and there are many different rooms going off of it. There were a few other people roaming around the house and the house felt very light and airy, almost ethereal and other worldly, yet sill very grounded. There’s a guy there who is my age with black hair. I don’t know him, but he looks familiar, and St. Francis then puts a bracelet on my hand (like an orange rubber one I think, lol) and starts telling me about him. It sort of goes like, “You will know that he is…”, and the Saint goes on to explain how I will understand all of his positive and negative traits and accept all of them. She then does the same thing to him, only I think he gets like delicate silver bangles and slides them on to his wrist and tells him how he will know and accept all that is positive and negative about me. There was like a sparkly charge of energy when the bracelets were put on us both, it was crazy. He didn’t seem too pleased with it though, like I had done something to offend him and I was going to have to apologize about it. Different, to be sure.

An interesting side-note, yesterday morning I was over at a co-worker’s cubicle who was doing data entry on an individual and when she had brought up a screen all the info had been wiped out and then she had to re-enter it. The county the person lived in was St. Francis. I was reading a brochure this morning that had been emailed to me about an ECW Fall Gathering and it was being put on by a church called St. Francis. I feel like there is something important about all of this and there is some meaning to it all, I just have not yet figured it out. I started reading up on St. Francis yesterday and he certainly has a very intriguing story and history. I find all these occurrences happening so close together so simultaneously all very intriguing and I can’t help but pay attention. I’m listening Universe, just trying to decode the message now ;).

~ ♥ ~


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